Dayvison Costa is a husband, mentor, teacher, musician that also plays the trumpet. His approach to life was shaped by his experience with trumpet practice. He believes that music, in specific music practice, can help young students to achieve their dreams even if those dreams are not related to music.

He is currently doing his doctoral in trumpet performance while having an active career as a freelance musician with orchestras and bands around Texas and Mississippi. His academic life has been focused on teaching and, through music, helping young students to find their path. He pretends to use his experience gathered during his studies as a trumpet teacher to incentivize young musicians to be an active part in society.

Dayvison Costa has international experience as a teacher and performer. He has performed as a soloist in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais in Brazil and has been the principal trumpet of orchestra and ensembles in Texas and Mississippi. In both countries, Dayvison Costa has experienced a close relationship with his professors that helped him to transform his life and gave him the anger to give the same opportunity to other young trumpet players.

Son of a couple of trumpet players, Dayvison Costa also met his wife in a trumpet section, received a scholarship to study English at the U.S., got an Assistantship to do his Master’s, and now is currently pursuing a Teaching Fellowship position at the UNT. The discipline, hard-work mentally, and care for the process that music life requires are what changed his life. He deeply believes that his mission is to spread this lifestyle to young trumpet players and help them get their life boosted as he has experienced himself.